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OzH 1/48 Airfix Lynx Mk.7 - IFOR - Finished 07 Feb 14


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So my choice will be something a little less challenging than the others so far.

I’m going for a 1/48 Airfix Lynx Mk.7 that I would have cabbied around in during my time in Bosnia 95/96, in Army Air Corps, IFOR schema

This will be OOB with some help from Eduard Big Ed etch set

Box top




Contents of the Big Ed set


And some useful bits I've found in the stash


The Montex Mask set gives you both Army and Navy Lynx in one pack (bargin!)

The grey stips below this is a set of rotor blade masks I came across on ebay, not sure who makes them..

And the brass is from someone here on Britmodeller, sorry, I can't find the post or the email from you, but let me know and I'll credit you here...

Plan in to make a call between the Eduard and the after market brass, once I get cracking...

Give me an hour and I'll be cutting plastic on this one!!

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Coming up to 48 hours in so here's some progress..

Some work on the cab, Airfix and Eduard



Then started on the seats


Then, you know you have that feeling that something isn't right? Well I had that thought about the seats, should they be armoured for an IFOR cab?

A quick check with Lynx7 (thanks for the quick response mate) and my fears were confirmed.. So, here's the armoured seats so far, the others will have to wait for a later project..!


Till next time...

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Wish I had more time to spend on this build, but that’s not to be..

What time I have had has been put to good use though

Here she was on Friday



And what she looks like now




Instrument panel is a combination of Eduard and the C-Lab depending on what I thought looked best

Happy with the way the seats have come out!




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Managed a bit more work on the Lynx this week

Since my last post, I had it pointed out that the sand filters were not fitted to the IFOR Lynx (Thanks Tony), so had to chop them out and use the normal intakes/filters


Next up was some detail work on the inside of the cockpit glazing, blue tint, frame painting (with the help of the Montex masks), overhead console (eduard) and a representation of the lights at the rear of the cab.


Dry fit to the fuselage


The inside of the doors completed with some help from eduard and Montex


And finally for this week, the starboard TOW assembly. I have it in good authority that the IFOR birds only had the starboard fitted and only the outer tubes loaded


Taking a break for a week, family skiing, more when I get back...

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