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Not built one, I sold it on, but I have seen one built and very nice it looks.

You might want to check this thread for trains stuff, it's a bit further down the forum page.


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Built one 25+ years ago before re-branding. Its not difficult at all (Its a snap kit). A suitable case for weathering that's what I am going to do to mine. I will probably get a second and build it as a clean example. BTW there is a Hudson in the same series I don't know if Revell will reissue that or not

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He did indeed. It's a real beauty and it's here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234942157-pacific-union-alco-4000-class-4-8-8-4-big-boy/ I've always been tempted by this kit, even though it's a country mile from my usual stuff.

I think Revell did release the Hudson when the Big Boy came out but I've not seen it around for a good while. Rosebud Kitmaster did a Hudson many years ago. Saw one at Telford this year for a modest £100!

I love these amazing machines. You only get an idea of their size when you stick them next to a UK loco.

I'd love to see them do a Hiawatha or Hudson Dreyfuss or similar. Real art-deco style locos and totally unique.

If you build it Leigh, please do a build thread.

Best regards


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I have the Monogram boxing in my stash. I do check out the instructions occasionally. One day...

I would be interested to compare it with my Rivarrossi (model railway) version (looks very impressive when running). Never had the two close enough to compare! Now if someone did a Cab Forward... (another Rivarrossi I have).

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