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Helicopters with UNPROFOR 1992/3

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Hi :)
I'm thinking about dioramas, and was wondering who, if anyone, operated the Twin Huey in Bosnia during the early UN operations. I've found this photograph but I can't be sure of the helicopter's operator... any help would be much appreciated :)


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The only concrete info I can find on the picture above is that it is 'a United Nations helicopter on Route to Zagreb Airport from Sarajevo' 4. September 1992.

However, I am going to make an educated (haha) guess that it is a Canadian CH-135. Canada operated the CH-135 from 1972-1998, so it fits in with the timeframe. As far as I can make out, Canada had a prominent role in the opening of Sarajevo Airport in 1992.

Also, here0819406.jpgis a picture of a CH-135 at the RCAF memorial museum, in UN livery.

Further to that, here is a picture of a CH-135 evacuating a wounded UN soldier in Bosnia, 1994


So yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it is a Canadian CH-135. Sorry I can't give any more info than that.


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No problem. Trying to find stuff out like that really interests me, so it was fun snooping around the 'net trying to get some answers.
As a fun side-fact; the CH-135 pictured at the museum was the first CH-135 made. Guess that's why it's in a museum, eh?

Still, unless anyone can conclusively say so, don't take my word as gospel!


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