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Hi, JJC.

Very nice shot indeed.

I never tire of watching the Reds do their thing... must have seen them 40 or 50 times over the years. When you go to the Duxford show next year, I would recommend working out where the display centre-line is, as you can get some really cool shots of the Hawks effectively "all in a row" during their Gypo Break. When you are standing virtually in front of the line of aircraft as they come towards you, it's possible to get some shots where they look like they're only 10 feet apart, due to the "compression" of perspective from that angle.

That's not to criticize your shot, mate... very far from it. You should be really proud of this one.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks very much for the advice my friend!:)

I appreciate any and all comments for improvement of my shots, I'm still a relative novice!

Thanks for the kind words,


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