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The decision on whether to hold a poll is always made by the host/s. As Antony had to drop out as host I have been minding the GB and this is why I asked the question if members wanted a poll, until today there was only one response.

As a couple more of you have no said yes I will post a poll this weekend.

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Okay folks with no more votes for a few days I have locked the poll and here are the results

1st Lynx7 with his wonderful Lynx prototype

2nd OzH with his IFOR Lynx

3rd Waru with his Lynx Mk 3

So will done folks. I think a well deserved win by Lynx7. Having seen this model in the flesh I have to admit it is a really does deserve the win.

Thank to everyone that took part and to Antony for hosting. I'll leave the forum here fora could of days before moving it to completed builds,

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