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Blimey, I don't know what's up with me two completed models in less than a month.

I picked up hasegawas diamondbacks history boxing in the modeller.com sale, and seeing as im partial to a cag scheme i promptly started on the ride of captain Michael Mcnellis.









After following Hase's colour call outs the top surface seemed way to dark so a mist of fs36375 was shot over it to tone down and give what i think is an acceptable weathering down of the scheme.

Drop tanks are in the paint stage but most people know what a Rhino looks like with gas bags on.

comments welcomed.

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Very nice model!

I suggest using plain paper (in whatever color you prefer) for background instead of sandpaper.

The reason is that the camera tends to pick up the detail (texture) of the sand paper better than the detail of your model, making the thing that should be in center of attention (the model itself) blurry, and the background sharp.

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Thanks chaps, ill give the photography tip a try. The pictures were taken using a mobile phone as its easier to upload than taking pictures with the dslr.

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Evening Charley

Two in a month could be seen as showing off !

Well done mate for putting lots of us to shame

Cheers Pat

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