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My double KUTA

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Ok, so ive got a couple that I'm hoping to finish for this one.

First off is one of these:


I built it a loooooooong time ago (badly), but I've now stripped it, taken it apart and started rebuilding. Then I sort oft ran into a wall, so I'll see what I can do.

Ive also got one of these:


This one is so old that it was painted with a hairy stick, before I got an airbrush. It stalled at the stenciling point because there are lots of TINY decals and I was losing motivation.

I will update at some point soon... I hope

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So, the first update on this one. I've been working on this for a bit, taking a few photos. Sorry in advance for the poor image quality (and photography).


This is where I got stalled.


This is my engine, I'm not going for totally accurate, but I want it to look busy.


This is the prop after I filled some weird texture on the seface, then sanded down, it's ready for primer


The pit, again, not nescessarily accurate, but it look somewhat busy.


One fuselage half...


and the other one.

I've got the fuselage halves together now, doing some filling and sanding (I dont remeber this from the first time I built the Kit), then I'll be working on the horizotal stabilizor and inner wing sections. I'm thiking of doig this one with one wing folded, maybe like this:


I know this is an F2G, but you get the idea

Comments and criticism welcome

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I realized that it has been far to long since this thread was updated, I guess I needed a KUTA within a KUTA. I have made plenty of progress, just been forgetting to post pics. Now, here's what you really care about; the pictures...


Cockpit is installed into the fuselage half


fuselage halves joined


don't remember this much putty the first time I built it... hmmmm...


and all sanded down


landing gear bays are done


Rudder with a little bit o scratch built detail


Horizontal stabilizors on and puttied/sanded


This is where she stood at one point


center wing section...


...is on, and the whole model got some primer


and some slightly premature masking :)

Apologies for poor photography, hopefully ill have her painted soon.

Feedback welcome


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Looking good. Don't apologise for the poor photography, I use my tablet for build photos and only get my proper camera out for my gallery pictures. If I stopped to get my camera out every time I wanted to update the build, I'd spend more snapping photos than building! As long as people can see how your build is progressing they should be more than happy. :thumbsup:

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Looking good, do you have any more pics of the Mig to show us?

Also, are you ex RAF? I know it could be Any green tape, but it just totally reminds me of the tape we used to use on the ifr probe rivets, and when wash prepping.

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Fair enough about the tape, its probably what the RAF use.

I actually have some left over, which I will be using a very small strip of to do the IFR probe nozzle on my Tornado. Genuine parts on a scale model lol

Progress is looking good, look forward to seeing them when complete.

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A few photos of the mig 29, as requested. Nothing has been done yet, but this is where it stands.


This is where she stands.


The underside has some brightly coloured missiles.


This will need fixing...


This is why I stopped...

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