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VWP Hurricane Mk1 photoetch fits the new Airfix kit!


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We did rather well with sales of our Hurricane Mk 1 PE sets at Telford. Common question was, 'will it hit the new Airfix kit?'

Well, we knew most of it would-seatbelts, foot stirrup, rear view mirror, pitot tubes (early and late) and canopy grab handles. However I am pleased to say that, having spent an afternoon on the new kit, the instrument panel fits very neatly. So you can buy from us with confidence. So far it is a nice build.

Talking of the kit itself, although it is an early version, how good to see the DH 3 blade prop, head armour and armoured windscreen in the same box. Our spares inventory is going to swell very nicely, plus surely a new metal winged version must be on its way.

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