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Vickers Vimy - COMPLETE


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S*** happens - I dropped it





Most of the struts are misplaced and there is a massive crack on the bottom of the body.

The tail unit is also badly damaged and one strut is lost

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That's the rigging that saved it - most of the wires have withstanded the impact and kept parts from moving too far apart.

I have already restored the "biplane box" except some torn wires and cured the crack with ultra liquid cement, but it requires very careful sanding and repainting now.

The tail is now disassembled - just like with the crack - it nees resanding and repainting.

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Hi Pin.

Have you tried printing a section of the aircraft colour, surrounding the white letters? If you trim the decals reasonably close to the letters, any slight mismatch between the actual aircraft colour and the decal colour should not be too noticable. I did the 'Junkers' on this like that (although obviously black was pretty easy to match!). A bit of weathering can also be useful for blending things in.




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Trying to match colour


On the star side I tried to cut as close to outline as possible leaving the center of 5 and 6 uncut


I tried a different approach on the portboard - leaved large margins and airbrushed them once applied


Not too pleased with edither result

All the decals in place. Roundels are by XTradecal (Cartograf), the rest are self printed



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I have an original Frog Vimy in my stock, one of their trailblazer series, after seeing what you have done with this, I think I will sell mine, I don't think I could ever aspire to the superb work you are displaying here. I'm still enjoying the journey though, fantastic & good info on the rigging thread, thanks.


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