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Prop or jet aerobatics - what's your favourite?

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I usually have a huge grin on my face whenever I see the Typhoon going vertical like that. Fantastic piece of kit and a great snap

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I have seen some pretty unbelievable manoeuvres from prop aerobatic aircraft. I have also seen some remarkable displays by jet aircraft, and not always the ones you would think.

Each have their merits.

One thing is certain Aerobatic teams rock.


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Man, I’m ready to do something illegal, immoral or unhealthy for a shot like yours; thanks for sharing.

Tough question… I’ve seen the Blanix display (Blanik sailplanes duo) a couple of times and I was thrilled. There is a magic for each of the three (prop, jet, sailplanes)… hmmm, have I told you about helicopters…no, no,no... props for me, for sure.

Couple of shots from my archive (not as good as yours)





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It all depends on the pilots' abilities to exploit their aircraft.

I've seen some prop teams that put on great shows, like the Flying Bulls, an some jet teams that were less than thrilling.

I love both shots in the first post, but the Reds shot just grabs me that bit more. To get four aircraft captured in a crossover like that is rare.

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First off, FANTASTIC pictures. There's some serious talent there...

Personally, I think it's all about the way the show is put together and how the pilots work together. The Blades have been a highlight of every Waddington I've been to, but so have the Red Arrows. The Frecce Tricolori were great, as were the ?Polish Eagles? (flying PZL Orliks). The low-light was without a doubt the Thunderbirds, who were noisy but very dull, and unable to keep their aircraft within a sensible display zone for a lot of the time. So for me, anyway, I think the last thing you want for an _aerobatic_ display is big, heavy, high-powered jets. Small, manoeuvrable aircraft flown by pilots who can make them dance to every control movement, and perfectly in sync with their colleagues, are what make for the best display in my view, and whether they have props or jets (or no engine at all!) is neither here nor there...



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