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1/72 Avro Anson Mk.I from Special Hobby


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Dear gentlemen,

Let me present you my latest work. The set had developed a lot of time. I used a lot of putty and sand papers. Spots of docking panes and many parts require large fit.


t_51a60ecd5de6ed943c40826e2aeebe54.jpg t_ed8949df3d67f79d2885bb81cae066ac.jpg t_a1680334590744b460bd2603c8e789ad.jpg t_9196ce0c09f7a3b903348fea96b5fafe.jpg t_e3b235d642263ef664548f3660775101.jpg t_18f890d5ff0730b9c042c60d6841c6d0.jpg t_ef4b6d26ae704876c720bad8ff3487ff.jpg t_50bfcbe7e07f67dc068aa580c362992d.jpg t_b3230a5a25a09559a9f156eb659ce73b.jpg t_6548c8c7d75e26bbcc0614f5a9752689.jpg t_e90b58a06f6a990d5b245bfbbd534fd2.jpg t_48186b096957d6eb6f393222e563fa38.jpg t_d88201054f69bbd66213da133a8156cc.jpg t_7f9ed8499af8607c95e2666274eeaf96.jpg t_9c02d678810816ff53dea3157a5b73b4.jpg t_b97507e009216b95d103ffd247bcc291.jpg

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Blooming heck Fuad, do you every have an off day ?

Another stunning job, can I ask how long it took from opening the box to the finished article ?

Cheers Pat

Thank you for comments. On average, I make two models per month. This model also has taken away for two weeks from me.

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Great work mate, love it. The Anson was one of the aircraft my Grandad flew during the war in his time with the RAF, he would have loved this as well.

The eternal memory to our grandfathers. They are really survived the most terrible war on this planet.

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