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F-4B Phantom Seamless Intakes 1:48 from AlleyCat

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McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom Seamless Intakes

AlleyCat 1:48


The Academy F-4B Phantom has already been praised for it’s detail and accuracy, but there are always areas that need upgrading in any kit. This new set from AlleyCat provides the modeller two seamless intakes along with separate splitter plates. The parts are made of white resin and are very nicely moulded, with fine panel lines, sharp edges and smooth intakes. There is a small amount of cutting to remove an area of the kits lower wing, but this is well described in the instructions, including a diagram of the offending area. The intakes need the fan face end to be cleaned up, removing the moulding lugs, before the kits fan faces can be attached. With this done the intakes are then fitted as normally along with the splitter plates once they have been removed from their moulding blocks of course.


Another very easy conversion set from AlleyCat that not only look good but alleviate the problems of trying to remove the seam from the inside of the kits parts. These should be able to be used by almost every modeller and I can heartily recommend them.


Review sample courtesy of

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Hi All

I can confirm the parts between the B and the C are the same, just checked kit against kit, and the cast intake has just been dry fitted to the 'C' to make sure.

cheers Ali

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