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Aurora's Super Spy Car: James Bond's DB5 wannabe


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You could buy a new kit, swap the window glass and sell the kit back on ebay with info about the window glass being less than perfect. That way you would be bound to get some of your money back.

Maybe the cheapest way to get perfect glass.

I have done this with some hot rod kits in the past. Taken one of the wheel options and sold the kit on ebay, always being up-front and honest about missing parts. In a couple of instances the wheels have only cost me a few pence.


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I seriously considered buying another model to steal the windows from, but in the end, decided to go with the originals.

Given the origins of the kit, bearing in mind that is is from 1965 and it is a rescue kit, I am pleased with the result. It's not perfect by any means but I feel I have provided the kit with a new lease of life and in the end done the kit justice.

After reflecting on the build, I sort of like the fact that it's not perfect and actually enjoy some of the imperfections, as strange as that may seem.

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I just looked at the first page of the thread and how ugly and pathetic the kit was before you started working on it. It is amazing how well you made it turn out. I chalk it up to your build skills and ingenuity. Very, very nice.

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thanks very much guys. I think my skills are definitely getting better as I progress through these endeavors.

I have noticed though that I am making stupid little mistakes right at the very end. I think I am rushing too much to get finished when I see the end in sight. I must learn to hold myself back a touch.

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You aren't the only one who does that - I find myself doing it, I think its a combination of excitement at having it almost finished and frustration that its only ALMOST finished!

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