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Not done a huge amount of modelling over the last year what with new little boy and moving house but made a start on Revells Typhoon. I really can't be bothered to make a grey aeroplane so going down the road of a 'what if'

The interior should give a pretty good idea of where i'm going with this but the camouflage will keep people guessing. Its OTB apart from a bit of Eduard photo etch for the seats and op panel.





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I like the twist

Now that is different. Will follow with interest :)

As they said, nice bit of masking !!!


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Well that was a bit of a mission but i'm reasonably happy with the outcome.Plenty to do yet but the gloss coat is on so next up is the Alclad, Decals and some weathering (plus adding exhausts and undercarriage) - not sure about the loadout yet, i have some Russian AAM in the stash so will them but toying with the idea of a massive cluster bomb unit on the centre-line. otherwise might just keep it simple with a few white pointy things, any suggestions out there?

Anyway here's what we have so far - Dark Kharki Drab, Medium grey and and RLM02 make up the matrix








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