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Saab JAS-39C Gripen - 1:48 Kitty Hawk


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After finishing my Jug last week, I was looking round the workshop for a new project and decided that I'd be a good lad and finish off a few that had stalled close to the finish line as it were. The Gripen started as an OOB project, but I ended up adding a few other review items to the mix to spice it up, add some additional detail and generally showcase a few other bits and bobs. The list is fairly short, and included the resin AIM-9L Sidewinders and AIM-120Cs from Eduard, some brass AoA probes and pitot tubes from Master (48075 which doesn't seem to be listed on their site), and a NATO refueling probe tip, again from Master. paint was a mixture of Xtracrylic and Lifecolor, with a bit of Tamiya Smoke and NATO Brown used for the dirt. As usual with my stuff, it's not a show-winner, but I enjoyed the build, and am pretty satisfied with the 3' view :)

Onto the pics:








Hope you like, and the build thread can be found here if you have the patience ;)

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Hate to be a pedant, but isn't the canopy hinged on the other side?

You're right! :fraidnot: Jeez... I just assumed they'd put it t'other side because of the refuelling probe. The diagram in the instructions shows the airframe upside down to show the hinge part, which confused me... I'm easily confused. Thank GPS for GS-Hypo, which doesn't marr plastic :)

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Thanks Luis - I've glued the canopy on correctly now, but I'd ask everyone to flip the pics in their heads rather than make me take the pics again! :crying:

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