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I am about to make the plunge into the dark art of airbrushing. Having only ever used a cheapo brush with aerosol can before, for about 10 minutes, 10 years ago....

After some searching, I have come across this item:


Model TC-828 (about 4th item down the page)

Does anyone have any experience with this brand? (Master Airbrush I believe)

The specs seem to meet what most members here seem to state is required, and it comes with a 2 year warranty.

And as for the airbrush, I was thinking along the lines of Paasche

either: the Millenium


or: the Talon


can anyone enlighten me as to the pro's and cons of gravity fed Vs syphon, and single action Vs double action

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I have 2 Paasche airbrushed and they are good workhorses. If your in the UK I'd sugests checking with Paul (little-cars on BM) to see what he has to suggest.

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