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New Book, Sabre and Lincoln Accessories in 1/72 Scale

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We have been busy in the last few months down under at Red Roo.

We have just released our new book, The 'Stang!, which covers the history of the RAAF's Mustangs and their life as warbirds following their retirement from service. This book contains over 500 photographs, 60 colour profiles and is littered with amazing facts and RAAF mustang data. The book compliments our previous publication, Southern Cross Mustangs, which dealt with the technical aspects of the aircraft in RAAF service, dangley bits under wings, camouflage and markings. The 'Stang! is available as a stand alone purchase for $54.54 (exc GST) and also as part of a special super bonus combo pack with Southern Cross Mustangs (soft cover edition only) for $160 (exc GST) for a limited time.

For F-86 Sabre devotees tin 1/72 scale there is a new wheel well set which provides generic resin castins for the main undercarriage and nose leg wheel bays, along with their fairing doors.

We have also released a 1/72 set of AVRO/GAF Lincoln propeller blaeds and spinners to compliment our two engine sets (shrouded and unshrouded exhaust).

For full details of these new additons to the range visit the website:



Gary, Richard and Ed

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