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B-2 "Stealth"


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yeah this is really very nice. I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while now. What's it like to put together? Do I need to buy plenty of putty and put lots of work into it or does it go together nicely with minimal effort?

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Hi there Mark73 & Madhatter,

It's a fairly straightforward kit to put together, minimum parts etc. The wheels down is a little fiddly that's why I went for wheels up, anyway i think it looks better mounted on a pole. Re the Joints mark, it's basically a top and bottom half so not a great deal of problems encountered, just ensure plenty of solvent applied and a little rubbing down.

The link provided gives a breakdown of the components.


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Looks good that :) I got rid of mine for the Big'un from testors... I may live to regret that at some point I suspect :hmmm:

I have the same feeling about the Testors kit. I pull it out every now and then, have a look, and promptly put it back. Although I will say that I've seen some unbelievable models made from that kit.

Like this one...

Or this one...



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