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BF110E, Felix Brandis, "Dackelstaffel"

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Eduard 1/48

Started working on this kit, and must say that so far the build has been a joy.
I have read that the nascelles can be a pain to fit, but i wont cry until i have tryed :)



The Profile:


And a photo of the real thing, borrowed from a pdf by Kjetil Aakra and Olve Dybvig.


As the Norwegian based 110E`s got a new mount for the mg, the gunner also got a new seat, so inspired by the works of Olve Dybvig and the original picture, i have tryed to replicate that.



Some more pics of the interior, that is now secured in the body.





To be continued......

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If I'm not mistaken the photo you have posted is of a Bf110F. Nice work on your cockpit though.

Duncan B

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Starting to get to point where i have to choose between settling on the result, or try to make it better, but giving my self more work restoring details.

Im settling on the first option, and are calling the nascelles done, now the plane are washed, and tomorrow ill try a layer of primer to see how the result is :)




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