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Bandai UFO Interceptor

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Finished this a couple of weeks ago but never got around to photographing it properly. The kit is pretty straightforward and a reasonable reproduction of the original. The kit does feature a spring loaded missile but that was relatively easy to overcome. The missile itself comes with a hemispherical end which needs to be sharpened into a point. The cockpit detail is typically spartan so thats where most attention was paid in this build.

The biggest problem I had was with the decals. The kit supplied ones were old, fragile and a a very curious mix of "spanglish" text! So the decals were custom printed from a source I found on the net. Problem was once the matt varnish was applied the "black" text turned into pink blobs. So the decals had to stripped off and attempts made to print decals that didn't run. This was done by forcing the colour printer to print ONLY black for the stencil markings This, therefore isn't 100% accurate but as soon as I tried to any red text the ink ran badly once decal varnish was applied :(

Anyway enough talk, more photos!





I tried to get a decent photo of the cockpit but the lighting was against me and all I got was glare from the canopy. I may try later when its dark outside and maybe the flash will then penetrate the canopy



Sadly during this photo shoot, the clips holding the battery compartment lid on the camera decided to break and now its almost impossible to take photos with the bloody thing - two tiny bits of plastic have turned the camera into a virtual write-off!! Oh well maybe its an opportunity to upgrade...

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It looks great.

.......A photography suggestion -

Stand it on something 4-5 feet off the ground in your garden - at NIGHT....

Take a few pics from low down using flash.

I think you might be pleasantly surprised at the results. I've done similar myself a few times.

Lovely build.


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Kallisti, I have found that 'duct tape' works well to retain plastic parts that have lost their integrity as in your camera's battery cover. (Guess I'd like to see the results of Roy's suggestion...)

Thanks for the hand-off to ISOSHADO site. Paolo did some nice work on his replica model.



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