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Tamiya M561 Gama Goat

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This is a kit I've been waiting for for some years. A friend of mine used to own one in 12" to the foot scale and lots of fun was had putting it throught it's paces both off road and in water.

In the box you get 4 olive green sprues, one clear and a set of poly caps plus a small decal sheet, instructions and an info sheet. I have seen this kit criticized for being over simplified but as long as it looks like a Gama Goat I'm not really bothered.

I'll make a start proper on Sunday as tomorrow I'm on a training course.


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Hi all

A bit more progress on the Goat, so far I'm up to stage 5 with no real problems although I did miss a part out (B37) on the trailer coupling and have to gently wiggle it onto place.






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Morning all

A bit more progress on the Gama Goat


Hull front with winch fitted


Driving compartment



Wheels, fuel tank and battery box fitted both sides.

No problems so report so far although there are some ejector pin marks to be dealt with soon. I'm just waiting to see what appears from the aftermarket boys as from what I can make of things there are a few options eg: ambulance trailer, hard cab, canvas cab etc etc.


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Folks, a belated update on the goat


The trailer coupling.


Trailer Chassis with running gear


bottom view of trailer body


rear view of trailer.

Again no major problems to report, it's another Tamiya kit.

As for the 12" to the foot scale Goat a friend of mine owned one for a while and I got let loose in it a couple of times. It's definitely a fun vehicle to drive although I'm not sure I'd like to work on them every day.

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