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revell BF109G-6 New tool started

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hi everyone pics will follow
this will be my long winter night's project. intending to be oob going to need to source some swastikas. am using various refs including the guide and parts breakdown on large scale models by Matt am looking forward to this one and have already bumped into a problem.

the fantastic idea of the clear fuel pipe in the kit was broken if anybody has this kit check it. revell are sending me a replacement but I'm glad I didnt leave this one a couple of years.


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Ok a few pics of this I'm planning to do Htpm Dorrs late G6 from Norway 1945 as it looks like a nice colourful kit and this is where on talking to various sources you have to be careful what parts you use. the information i have gleaned is from my research only and please feel free to correct me if you know better. At the end of the day there are far more knowledgeable people on here than me and I only want to build a plastic aeroplane!

1, the Revell instructions call out parts for both the MK108 Cannon and the MG151 and what's more they have got the labelling the wrong way round. So for the majority of 109G's you need the breach cover marked MK108 as it is actually the MG151 and, g models with the MK108 were designated U4 and certainly weren't in the majority? As far as i Know Dorr's machine wasn't a U4 so i will be fitting the MG151 breach cover in the cockpit.

2, Sensibly Revell have given both parts for the aluminium foot rests and the Non strategic wood foot rests. But they don't specify early or late they just give you a choice.



seperate Rudder pedals are provided but you need to find them in the flash!


And of course the good ideas come in the form of a clear cockpit fuel pipe that will need painting Unfortunately mine was broken in the box. i put this down to weak end opening boxes (really Revell?) But in credit to Revell Uk I rang them up gave them the part number and the kit number and my address and they are sending me another. there are also a choice of gun sights and further research will tell me which one i need to use.


All in all I intend to get some RLM 66 on today and then Concentrate on the panel which looks really good with plain faces so decals can be used however they have supplied the decal as one part so i think i will be out with the scalpel later separating them.


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Its a lovely kit isnt it?
Im on the end on the build on mine, and are planning a new one with the eduards stuff that are coming now in october.

At least that fuel-line broke on a bit that was to be painted, its worse that the attachment point are on the bit that are ment to be masked off....

Heres a little tip for the exausts so tou can mount them towards the end.


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yep you could do your kurfurst as well lol.

as yet all I have done is remove bits from spouse and clean em up .

Touche. I really do want to get it started...
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right got some paint on bits and as far as painting is concerned for the pit its about there. just got to wait about 4-6 weeks for the fuel line so i'll start getting some of the other bits together.





so now I'll get some RLM02 on the other interior bits and put what i can of the pit together.

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thanks val. Sunday night I got some RLM 02 on most interior bits and put the undercart legs together. I have test fitted the pit and it all fits like a glove. I can see I might get a problem soon I'm gonna run out of bits to paint and sub assemblies to assemble but until then it's just waiting for that fuel pipe

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