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- ARADO 196 A0 finished

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fantastic work,what scale is it?? and was the launch scratch built as if so thats some amazing work

- The scale is 32,it is the Revell kit on which I changed the canopy, the float and struts, rudder, engine and cowling, all of this and catapult are from HPH;

- The right forward fuselage panels , where the nose gun bulges were on later version is from my friend Andreas DUDA.as are the propeller blades.

-In scratch are the hands rails on the catapult and deck.and the wooden deck itself ...The weight hidden under the forward part of the catapult is a 20m:/m armour piercing shell core.......

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Stunning build and unusual colour scheme for the aircraft . What's the background / theatre ?

- The back ground is a view shield installed there to prevent my terrace from being seen from the overhanging street ........In a theatre I should look as strange as an elephant in a chinaware shop.......

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Wonderful work. I am building the Italeri 1/48 version. Can you share where I can find this colour scheme or artwork that I can replicate. May I know what RLM paint is this? I find the white finish eaiser to paint and weather

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- Hi Eerie, -

- You may find some photos on the Kagero publication and on the French book 'Les Hydravions de la Luftwaffe Part one ' from Lela Press and on the web of course, . Thes machine were painted in 40/52 colors used for some pré war luftwaffe machines according to Michael ULLMANN " Luftwaffe Colors ". book For this I've used the FS 17875 Off White from Hobby Colors ;

- Be carefull, the model built is a 196 A0 which requires some modifications of the kit..

- Suppression of the wing armament and associated panels

- Suppression of the right forward fuselage bulge and the through hole in the cowling ring

- Narrow blade metal propellers blades with or without spinner

- These machines being pré series, they were very well maintained so don't be too hand heavy on the weathering side.....

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Hi my friend,

You always do such wonderful work on your models. The craftsmanship is brilliant, your lines are gorgeous, your paintwork is so spot on and your creativity is always so outstanding.




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