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Honda CB750F 1/12 by Tamiya

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I'm a Muppet Doug.....just looked at your WIP page!

Looks really good mate.

I have the same in my stash & I'm thinking on what colour to go for!! Metallic Silver? How many shades can you choose from??? Lol


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I thought this had disappeared from Britmodeller forever. Lovely build. It needs a silver rim on that front Comstar though.

I'm working my way through my shelf of shame, ICM MkXVIe next up.

I thought something looked different at the front end, completely forgot about the silver rim on the front wheel!

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Yup, they sure are...

Have a look around Doug, we have a nice little clan of bike modellers and we're always trying to get some form of GB of the ground, we have the F1/Moto GB, Honda RC211 and a Ducati one im trying to garner some attention with....

Nice to see lotsa bikes on BM...



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Good work there.

I converted my kit to the Honda CB750KZ as I used to own one in the days before I met my wife and was convinced by my dear old mum that I needed to sell it and buy a car. She reckoned my future wife wouldn't be seen dead on the back of it, especially in the wind and rain but I still married her (so she must have been that special).

Have I forgiven my mum? I'm getting there.........................(40 years later)

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