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Academy 1/48 F-4B Phantom II Sundowners

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I'm in the middle of building this - and i'm hating the white plastic - so damn hard to see where you've already primed and where you haven't!!!!

Anyway, I've got the main fuselage built, primed and painted, my problem now are all the ordinance and wheel bay doors etc. What did you use as your primer? I'm using Halfords white primer at the moment, and Humbrol acrylic spray for the white but getting horrible results (only done the main centreline tank at the moment and that's just terrible - I need to sand it back and start again.)

Your guidance and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry for the late reply.I hate the MCP plastic too,not just because it poses dificculties in priming and painting but also because the plastic looks softer and stains the tamiya glue brush.I´ve used Vallejo grey primer in everything,but darkened it a bit with a small touch of dark grey.This way it was not only easy to cover the lower surface but also made more noticeable the primer in the upper surface.All of the ordinance and the gear doors we´re primed in the same way.After that the white went like a charm on the lower surface.But I used the White FS17875 (Gunze H316).It´s almost an Off White and covers better than the normal Flat White.It is a bit glossy but it won´t show after the varnish.

I also leave you a tip.I don´t know how you´ll paint the red stripes in the gear doors.I painted mine but lost a lot of time masking them.If you can,get the decal sheet from Furball.It comes with two sets of decals for the gear doors and they save a lot of time,work,tamiya tape and specially your nerves!

I hope this helps.



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Great work , i didnt know the phantom flew with missiles and bombs on same pylons, is this a navy thing or did USAF do the same at all?

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Hello Dreamwriter,

Nice, very nice contribution. Colorful, like in the old days.

Connecting bombs and rockets. Try wood glue. Tip some glue on the launching rail.

Give it time to set and connect the rocket. If it comes loose, some water to dissolve the glue and give it a second try.

Wood glue is stronger in connecting plastic than you would think. besides that it does not damage your work.

Regards, Orion

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