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Navy Bird

1:72 CMR Supermarine Scimitar F.1

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Hi mates,


Having not gained any additional common sense from my last resin build, I decided to jump head first into another! This time it's the oft-neglected subject of the Supermarine Scimitar in glorious 1:72 scale, courtesy of the master craftsmen from the Czech Republic, CMR. The Scimitar, of course, was the last fighter to wear the Supermarine name, and the direct descendent of the legendary Walrus, er, Spitfire from WWII.


Project: Supermarine Scimitar F.1

Kit: Czech Master Resin (CMR) Supermarine Scimitar F.1 (kit number 221)
Scale: 1:72 (The Gentleman's Scale - then why am I here?)
Decals: From the kit, representing XD324, 158-R, aboard H.M.S. Ark Royal in June of 1965
Photoetch: Included with the kit, primarily for the cockpit, air brakes, antennae, and wing fold area

Vacuform: Two copies included with the kit, and for once I only needed one!
Paint: Gunze H333 Extra Dark Sea Grey, H331 Dark Sea Grey, H339 Engine Grey FS16081;Testors 2143 RLM 21 Semi-gloss White, 2038 FS36492, 1168 Flat White; Alclad 101 Aluminum, 115 Stainless Steel, 314 Klear Kote Flat, and a bunch I forgot about.
Weathering: Primarily post shading to simulate paint fading and wear, and the assorted stains and hydraulic fluid/oil streaks. I applied a light gray wash to the white underside, and black to the EDSG topside.



  • Just to fix ham-fisted mistakes from bone-headed modeller.


Build thread: Link


Now that all that nonsense is over, let's see some photos!


Edit: The eagle-eyed amongst us will now doubt notice that I've had a bit of a nap and forgotten to add the port wing probe! Yikes! Please read through all the comments towards the end of the thread, and you'll find a photo showing the mysterious appearance of said probe, in its proper place on the port wing. No, not a bit of Photoshop magic, just the silly modeller fixing his mistake! :)


































I shot the underside before adding the outer wings and wing braces, since I didn't think I could figure out a way to prop it up when everything was finished! :)




I couldn't resist some shots with her FAA stablemates and with her wing probe attached (in the photo with the Gannet). These photos were originally added in response to posts in this thread, but I figured while I was editing this (to replace the links to Photobucket) I would include them up front as well.   :) 








It's back to normal (i.e. plastic) for my next build, if you call trying to build a B-24 kit from 1965 normal. Have a look in the Obsolete Kit Group Build every now and then and see how it used to be. You'll never complain about a missing rivet again!




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Beautifull work there Bill , its enough to make me bin my Xtrakit WIP and save up for the CMR !

(very nice work on getting the nose EDSG demarcation spot-on ...looks 100% a Scimitar)


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Superb, great photos!


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And that is just perfect :worthy:

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Good job Bill,

It looks superb, especially with its folded wings and your paintwork is flawless! I`m a bit scared of starting mine as I don`t want to spoil it,

All the best

Tony O

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Very good, nice finish and weathering just right it all looks great. Had a quick look through the build link. I have never built a resin kit, might have to give one a go, the little tip with the vacform canopy I wish I had thought of that a few years back!

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Outstanding work on all levels,the painting the weathering and set of by great photography!

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:thumbsup: Now that is a spectacular Scimitar, it really looks the part, classic british jet, built and finished to perfection, and

in EDSG/white, love it!!

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