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Bf110C/D & G Cockpit Etch Upgrade Sets - Eduard 1:72 for Weekend Kits

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Bf110C/D & G Cockpit Etch Update Sets

Eduard 1:72 for Weekend Kits


The Eduard weekend Bf110 kits are great value and beautifully moulded. They are the same kit as you get in the Profipack series but without the masks, etch and more comprehensive decal options. If you've got one of the weekend kits and do fancy improving the cockpit, then Eduard have made this another option open to you. The quality of the pre-painted etch sets probably doesn't need much of an introduction as they've become a widely accepted form of upgrading and having used several of them, I've become a huge fan. Here are two sets, the first for the Bf110C/D lit, the second for the G-2 kit.

Bf110C/D (Set 73469)
Most of the enhancements cater for the cockpit interior, however a few key exterior parts are also provided. In the cockpit, you get seat harnesses, pilots main flying panel (only supplied as a decal option with no surface detailing in the kit) and front faces for the array of radio, electronic and switch panels. Throttles for the pilot and gun sights for the rear mounted machine gun are also in there. Externally, the little leading edge intake grills outboard to the nacelles are provided, as are the oleo scissors for the main gear, rear under-fuselage loop and strip aerials and the square bracing struts for two bombs.



This is largely the same as the C/D set, however slight differences in the aircraft lead to minor differences in the sets. As well as the parts listed above, a lattice seat cover for the radio operator is included in this pack as well as a different style of rear machine gun sight that mounts to the twin machine guns carried in this version.



Whilst the Weekend kits are very good straight from the box, the ease of upgrading using etch sets makes these very popular options. As such, I can highly recommend these based on use of such sets in other kits I've made.

Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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