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Hi all this is my very first attempt at scenic modelling and my first ever diorama. It is the first result from my review of the new Precision Ice and Snow product that Steve at Precision Ice and Snow asked if I would do a review for him.

I happily took him up on the offer It offered a great excuse to to a bit of much needed modelling as I have not had chance to do any the last few months.

So enough waffle Here Is the result. Its wonderful stuff and highly recommended.

For the build which is still ongoing go here : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945975-precision-ice-and-snow-review-of-the-new-amazing-snow-effect/page-3#entry1416643

Buy Precision Ice and Snow at : http://precisioniceandsnow.com/Precisioniceandsnow/Home.html

Cheers Rob ;)






























Well that wraps up the first Dio pretty much now on with the others.

Cheers Rob :)

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I hes walked off and there has been another light shower of snow. not a farmer though this is Civil Defence Corps. A civilian volunteer organization around 1949 to take control after a nuclear attack.

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I forgot to do some size comparison shots with the usual Pound coin earlier so I have now added them. Keef thought this was 0 gauge its actually 00 gauge or 1/76 scale not far off 1/72

Many thanks for the comments chaps. Cheers Rob ;)

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Excellent,just turned up the heating!

British Gas will be happy haha


It's eerily atmospheric and one can feel the desolate vehicle all alone... :worthy:

It is Beautifully crafted with perfect foliage and other details which simply shout ..... EXCELLENCE!!


Well thanks very much that is a great complement I really appreciate it Houston. It was so much fun I cant wait to do another.

Is it snow or fallout?

Well it is snow. But,. with the landy being of the civil defence role for use in the event of a nuclear attack I suppose it could be a nuclear winter scene. this was not intended and just a happy accident. Ironically I bought the little landy years ago and have always thought of making a little woodland dio for it but Never thought I would actually end up doing it. I never intended to have the landy on it. I just brought it down and tried placing it on the dio to see how it scaled with the scene.

I then sprayed more 3m and by accident I got some on the landy. so I snowed the landy too and it is a very happy accident I love the way she looks now.

I always get tempted by these oxford diecasts and similar brands there just so cute. But the land rovers are irresistible I love land rovers.


Shiver me timbers Lol.

Thanks for all the comments guys its always great to share creations on here. Long live Britmodeller. Rob :)

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I always get tempted by these oxford diecasts and similar brands there just so cute. But the land rovers are irresistible I love land rovers.

On that case this might interest you:


1/5 scale Series II built from Meccano (my other hobby!), including working rear suspension, front and rear axle differentials and when (if) I ever get around to completeing it, working 4 speed_rev gerbox, 4WD selection and low ratio selector... yeah that is a gearbox assembly in the back... it works but is too big to fit! The tyres are from ashtrays!


It has an electric motor disguised as an engine under the bonnet


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Kallisti That landy is superb Meccano Is wonderful I used to have some when I was a kid old stuff. it was so much fun I didnt realise you could still get the stuff.

series 1,2,3 are my faves. that is super.

Tuffty I am glad you think so. The Precision Ice and Snow is such a fine and pure white powder it does make you feel cold looking at it. I cant believe how good it is.

It is also so easy and fun to use. I am hooked on this white powder. It also goes a very long way everything I have done so far has been from one small bottle.

If care is taken to catch the majority of the excess from each coat you get plenty to use.

Great value for money and the sieve is a very nice bit of kit too. it has the added benafit you don't have to worry about unwanted fragments that might have got in the mix landing on your model as it successfully filters these.

It also has a very matt appearance naturally and a scale reflection it glints at you but it really is in scale tiny little glints. best seen out doors at sunrise or sunset I will try to photograph this but I dont think my iphone will capture that. We will see.

Cheers for the comments Rob ;)

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I can still see them

Thats good but can you see all of them I can only see the first 4 the others are reading as "null" Something I have never seen before.

Nice dio Rob, very lifelike setting, good job all round,


Cheers sean. well there is a lot of real life in there the trees are weeds. and the soil is real soil.

Cheers Rob

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one of the best snow scapes i have seen. makes me want to do my Ardennes dio even more.

great job.

Cheers Ozz and go for it !. Its so easy to use and fun too. there are also many things you can do with this using resins and silicones,

If your going to Telford this year Precision Ice and Snow will be there. They have asked me to help them out for the days sat and sun so if you see the face to the left with a precision Ice and snow t-shirt on thats me mate. Cheers Rob.

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Yes a pound coin they are hard to come by these days especially when I turn most of them into food fuel plastic and paint. Glad you like the dio.

I seen many others put a coin near their models I like the idea as it helps give a relative perspective.

Quite often I see models that interest me and I wonder how be they are in comparison too another model I have.

I had a shock when I made my MIG 25 I really can't believe how huge that plane is. Much bigger than I though when I opened the box.

Cheers Rob :)

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