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Here is my latest contribution, the scale 1/48 Hasegawa TF-104G Starfighter. The Starfighter has always been one of my favourites, building the kit was a joy. The kit went together pretty well, I only had some trouble with the Hahen decals. They are not as easy as the look to apply.

The kit represents the TF-104G 27+92 which was lost on 7 May 1982 while performing a low level attack at sea, killing both pilots.






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VERY nice indeed ! A superb model of my favourite airplane, and in German markings as well, which I think look the best. It's nice to see you've actually got the dayglo on the wing tanks just right as well : I've

seen so many models where they've got the size or position wrong. I have this model in JaboG 32 markings, and I did post some pics here a LONG time ago ! I'm just waiting for the Italeri 1/32 model to be released

now. :goodjob:

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That looks great, I've got a similar build about 90% done.

Where did you get the underwing tanks from?, Heritage?

What paints did you use?,Any chance of an underside pic?

Sorry for all the questions. ;)


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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

@rafrobbo, the HaHen decals are not precut, although that's not the major issue. I also found out the decals are very sensitive for silvering.

@Shaun, the underwing tanks are indeed heritage, and they aren't that bad as lots of people says. The top side is painted with Humbrol, I would have to check the number though. The underside was painted with revels alu paint for airbrush. Pics of the underside you can find on my site.

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