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Moscow and Beijing - MAKS airshow and museums

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If anyone is interested, I have just completed a trip report on my recent sojourn to Moscow and Beijing - visiting the MAKS airshow and various aviation museums.

A few tasters......






The whole report - with gazillions of photos - is here

Have fun !


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Some great photos there - thanks for putting them up :speak_cool:

I take it the Chinese are much more interested in preserving aircraft than we are by the looks of all those Mig's! :blink: It looks like you could easily take a whole day looking around the Museum at Xiaotangshan!

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Flankerman - on what day(s) were you at MAKS? I was there on the Friday, and it rained a lot in the afternoon. Several of the displays had to stick to their bad-weather versions, we only saw one T-50 flying, and I think several displays got cancelled because I have seen many photographs on the internet of aircraft that did not fly on the Friday. My photographs are all pretty average because of the weather. In 2011 I was there on two days, which ended up in about 1/2 a day of good weather and one almost completely rained out. I am starting to think Zhukovskiy has it in for me... I go to Russia quite regularly and often experience good weather (such as the entire two weeks leading up to MAKS this year), and then I go to the airshow...

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Hi Ken,

Thanks for sowing off some of your pics, having a look at your trip pictures it looks like there was a lot to see and do I've no doubt it was a lot of fun. I found your Chinese pics great to look at.



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