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Which Mustang's in this box-Mastercraft J-26 early


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I haven't seen the kit but it appears to be a copy of the Hasegawa P-51B/C with it's errors faithfully reproduced. In addition it is a low pressure moulding, so the panel lines and details are soft and there is some flash evident. Interestingly, although it seems to be a copy of the parts, the arrangement of the parts on the trees are different.

Some mixed reviews on the internet, some saying for the price it would be OK for display purposes, others state that it should be avoided. Here is one:


The decals are lovely but can be difficult to apply, based on other Mastercraft kits I've built.

Sounds like there are better choices out there.


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If it can help, I have the similar Mastercraft Bf.109G in a Smer box. The parts look acceptable on the sprue but a first test fit shows that building the kit will be a challenge. Hasegawa clones they might be, but lack all the finesse of the original Japanese moulds. The revell P-51B will be a much better modelling experience, although a replacement canopy might be needed (the one in my kit was not very clear and did not fit well)

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