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High Planes Lockheed U2R/TR1A Dragon Lady Kit 1:72


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If you have the old Airfix and are happy with it you should have no objection against the Special Hobby one ;-) I have two of the Airfix and one of the Minicraft (basically the same but with engraved panel lines). But sadly no Special Hobby one. But from what I found on the web it is a nice kit though I never saw one "in person".


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I have built one. Typical garage short run - lot of flash, poor white metal parts (I only used ejection seat), poor cockpit and wheel wells that I made entirely from scratch using Cutting Edge resin stuff as reference http://hsfeatures.com/u2sda_1.htm, no engine exhaust - built one using foil and spare parts (D-21 drone). On the good side overall part fit is good, decal is fine but lacks red stenciling, thin and clear vacuformed canopy.

I haven't seen Special Hobby with my own eyes but what I've seen on the net makes me feel that it may be not much better than High Planes - most of the resin parts are useless

Kit parts:

Here are some in-process pics of mine
I can shoot final result, if you are interested.
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Errr sorry - I completely blacked out High Planes - thanks Pin for your comment. I would certainly do not take the HighPlane route for the TR2. I suppose the Special Hobby one can be found for an equal price and it should be by far better. If you are after one I can send you the address of a shop in Germany which has the NASA version in stock for 27,99 Eur (versus 23,72 from HPM for the HighPlanes). but he charges another 18,56 Eur for shipping (no matter how much you order though) to EU countries. Ouch. Yet if you find more interesting kits there (which should be perfectly possible) it might get interesting again.


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Finished about 3 years ago

IMG_2362.jpg IMG_2363.jpg IMG_2364.jpg

IMG_2365.jpg IMG_2366.jpg IMG_2367.jpg

IMG_2368.jpg IMG_2369.jpg IMG_2370.jpg

IMG_2371.jpg IMG_2372.jpg IMG_2373.jpg

IMG_2374.jpg IMG_2375.jpg IMG_2378.jpg

IMG_2380.jpg IMG_2381.jpg IMG_2382.jpg

IMG_2383.jpg IMG_2384.jpg IMG_2385.jpg

IMG_2388.jpg IMG_2389.jpg IMG_2390.jpg

IMG_2391.jpg IMG_2392.jpg

Special Hobby review:


In French:


In Russian:


Article on Modeling Madness:


As I said - I don't feel that Special Hobby is far superiour to High Planes

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