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Delivering thinners and paints outside UK ?


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Does these new regulations regarding Airmail,that no paints,thinners, etc. are not allowed to be delivered outside UK or that it would be (very) expensive to customer due to some courier service ?

I've been trying to order acryl paints and thinners from my favorite stores in UK and ran these kind of problems,I live in Finland btw.

Is this some "lovely" EU thing or solely UK's ?

Wonder why they can be delivered on Airmail from the Far East and North America.

Have I understand something wrong myself or what....?

Please help me this dear friends.


Teemu Haajanen

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We can send Humbrol, Revell, Xtracrylix and Tamiya acrylic paints and thinners to Finland. However we have to use a courier who ships them by road as we cannot send them by airmail. A parcel of any size weighing up to 30 kg will cost £28 to ship to Finland and it takes about 4/5 working days to deliver to Finland.

You can get more details here http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/delivery/

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