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BMP-1P Infantry Fighting Vehicle. 1:35 Trumpeter


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BMP-1P Infantry Fighting Vehicle

1:35 Trumpeter


Trumpeter have released another vehicle in their series of BMP kits, this one is the BMP-1P and since there is very little difference between this and the previous version which has been reviewedHERE It would seem churlish to repeat what has been said.

With experience in the Yom Kippur war, Angola and Vietnam in the use of light AFV’s a modernisation program was set up that resulted in the BMP-1P. The 9M14M Malyutka ATGM was replaced with the much improved, reliable and effective 9P135M ATGM launcher capable of firing the 9K111 Fagot or 9M113 Spandrel ATGM’s. Whilst it was difficult to use, as the gunner had to stand in his open hatch, exposing himself to hostile fire, it was a much more effective weapon system. The mount could be detached and used from a more protected position. The 1P also had a special coating which was meant to be effective against Neutron weapons and a special fire extinguishing system for use against Napalm. Later vehicles also had a row of six 81mm smoke grenade launchers on the rear of the turret.

The kit comes in the standard Trumpeter box with a depiction of the vehicle racing across the battlefield along with other BMP’s and troops. The grey styrene is very well moulded with no sign of flash, and only a few moulding pips. Dry fitting of the hull parts shows that the fit is very good indeed, well up to the standard shown in recent Trumpeter armoured vehicle kit releases.





The only differences between this and the earlier kit is the later anti-tank missile fit, turret smoke grenade launchers and an extra sheet of PE. The modeller still gets the metal gun barrel and Indy link tracks. Construction is the same up until the ATGM launcher which is made up out of nine parts onto which the four piece missile tube is fitted before the whole sub-assembly is attached to the turret. The smoke grenade launchers are moulded individually and are fitted to the curved rack that is then attached to the rear of the turret. Trumpeter has also been decent enough to provide a separate tripod mount with addition sighting equipment so that the missile/launcher assembly can be dismounted for additional diorama options.

The small decal sheet provides markings for only one of the two vehicles depicted on the colour chart, due to the fact that the Russian BMP is devoid of markings other than the line stripe around the front of the missile tube. The other choice is a Finish vehicle with roundels for each side and identification number for the front glacis plate.


As with the previous release this is a lovely kit with some very nice detail and good fit. What’s not to like really, the Finnish example will cause a bit of pain with masking for the rather complex three colour paint scheme, but other than that it should be an enjoyable and relaxing build. Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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When building the Finnish vehicle, you should note that the identification number is incorrect. The sheet gives you "P 151-283". They always start with Ps. Simple, but surprising mistake. Also, in the pictures I have seen, the number seems to be in the right side rear access door too, not only in the front.

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