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vostok 1 Gagarin Mountford scale 1:1200

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vostok 1 Gagarin on launch pad at Baikonur, Mountford scale 1:1200


The photos include that unit of measurement of miniatures: a one pound coin.

The kit is multi-media with a one-piece resin pad and terrain and several white metal parts for the rocket and gantry. I added a photo-etch "ligting tower" as seen in the few images available on Google. Most of the colour images from Baikonur are of more recent Soyuz or NASA cargo launches, with different colours and orientation of the gantries. All agree on a non-descript concrete/rust/sand colour for the terrain.

My painting skills are not really up to the challenge, I tried washing thin greys and sands but in the end the colours come out too bright and sharp edged.


Doesn't take up much space!


A nice little thing.

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HI, JEFF. far too small for me?but can see the advantage of large collection small space,nicely done,heres a couple of my desk fancys,i didnt make them,its how they come,but they do some cracking space vehicles for the size,about 3 quid a pop last time i looked....anyway nicemodel/kit,unusual subject,get some moredone/shown?


i quite like the saturn one,though,someone on here has the full size box art,done with foam,excellent model?


keep on space modelling, cheers Don

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I like those small-scale models - I think they came with Japanese confectionery a year or two back. A friend of mine had several of them - one was the Mir space station re-entering the atmosphere!

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