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Churchill MKIV avre question.


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Hi all

I'm planning a Churchill mkIV avre using the Tamiya mkVII and the Legend conversion kit. Now I also have a resin fascine carrier and deep wading kit, my question is, would and Avre have gone ashore with both fascine carrier and wading kit fitted? or should I save one for another build?



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If landing on D Day then you can use both. Even vehicles landed later direct onto the beach had trunking fitted I assume this was in case the ship couldn't get all the way in.

You might find this page helpful: http://www.6juin1944.com/assaut/gold/en_page.php?page=69landing

In fact the whole site is pretty good :thumbsup: If you're generally interested then this book is very good IMHO as well: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cracking-Hitlers-Wall-Assault-Engineers/dp/0811705897

You've got a lot of work ahead but the results should be worth it. You can build a very impressive model with what you've got.

As a medically retired HGV driver I love your signature line. Been looking for that on a bumper sticker for a while. :thumbsup2:

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