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Special Forces Operatives (2 sets) - 1:35 Legend Productions

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Special Forces Operatives (2 sets)
1:35 Legend Productions


Two sets from Legend to test your painting skills and busy-up your dioramas. These guys are Special Forces, and sport awesome facial hair and all the personalised kit that you'd expect from Elite soldiers. Shemaghs and shades are the order of the day, along with a lot of kit stashed about their persons.

C2 Element SF Team Leader & Sergeant
This is a two-man set and arrives in Legend's usual small card box with a shrink-wrap outer protecting it from damage. Inside is a ziplok back of twenty six resin parts and a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE) brass for weapons slings. The bodies are cast as single items with separate heads sporting fine beards, arms, hands attached to the receivers of their weapons, plus the barrels, stocks, choice of sights and laser designators doubled up for each figure. The figures are wearing current MOLLE looped tac-vests with M4 ammo pouches, a secondary pistol in a paddle holster high on their chests, and camelback-style reservoirs on their backs with drink-tubes over their shoulders, routed through the shoulder-strap cover. The team leader has a radio mounted high on the front of his vest with coiled cabling and ear-piece, but the boom-mikes on the box art aren't included, so you'll have to make your own from fine wire and a blob of PVA glue. The flexible antenna is bundled up into shorter lengths for ease of transportation, and the third sling part can be used for this job. There is also a short corrugated gaiter at the bottom of the aerial, which is supplied amongst the small parts.



The weapons are M4 derivative with adjustable stocks and foregrips, covered RIS rails for additional equipment, two choices of ACOG sights, and the aforementioned laser designator box. Their straps are supplied as half-thickness PE, of which there are three lengths. You'll need to do a little research on the slings though, as some wear single-point, while others prefer two point, or even three-point slings that have different plus-points.

There are no instructions, but the pictures on the boxtop give you all the information you need to complete the builds, leaving you to personalise their weapons with the options on the casting block. Be sure to check the figures over before you start construction, as there are small moulding aids visible under magnification, such as a tiny wedge under a flash-bang that the commander figure is wearing, which is there to prevent bubbles forming and ruining the pour. A quick cut with a sharp blade should be all that is needed to remove these items, and the flash between the legs will disappear with similar treatment.

"Commo Geek" SF Com. Sgt.
Arriving in the same style box, this is a single figure of a communications sergeant, who is helmetless, but wearing a large Peltor-style headset and radio pouch on his front. His chest is also home to some ammo pouches, plus a couple of pistol pouches to feed his secondary pistol, supplied as a separate part in a paddle holster. On his back is a Camelbak daysack, and on his sides are a couple of general use pouches, grenade pouches and a flash-bang with large pull-ring. The same caveats about preparation of the figure apply, and he is broken down the same way as the others, with an identical set of weapons attachments. The same PE sling/aerial set is included with this figure, and his radio has the identical corrugated gaiter supplied.



A lovely and quirky set of figures that would look great either in a vignette, diorama, or just perched atop a piece of armour having a meeting with the vehicle commander. Their gear is well represented, and their almost obligatory facial hair is well rendered. Clean-up should be easy, and remember to wash the parts in warm soapy water to remove any mould release, or your paint won't adhere very well.

Highly recommended.

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Great review, thanks. I like the Legend figures but wish they'd do more in action poses.

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