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Good afternoon colleagues

I want to construct this airplane.


set difficult, molding disgusting





While I see 4 problems

1 . At stand He114 thin, floats keep on a metal wire



the rigid construction is necessary, stands need to be strengthened metal

2 poor quality of a whale, the cowl of the engine of its drift is badly molded.

I think so, to buy the Revell Ar 196 model and from it to take a cowl

3 At floats obviously not correct form.


4 quality of a lamp of pilots disgustingly.

It is necessary to do the new. Technique of manufacture new - heating of plastic and tensioning on the form.


stage 1 metal operations

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I know on what I go :winkgrin:

alternatives He-114 aren't present...

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Hi EXprompt

I have this kit as well, I believe Airmodel may have made a vacform one but that is likely to have its own problems :banghead:

Using the Revell Arado 196 is a good idea, will it offer the opportunity to use other parts, ie would the floats be a better starting point than the mach2 one's ?

Look forward to following this one :popcorn:

Cheers Pat

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