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Grumman S-2F Tracker Detail Sets. 1:48 Aires/Quickboost

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Grumman S-2F Tracker Detail Sets

1:48 Quickboost and Aires for Kinetic


Continuing their theme of producing several sets of parts for a single model kit Aires have released these five. Designed to be used with the Kinetic S-2F Tracker each set replaces specific kit parts with something that is more hopefully more detailed and more in scale than injection moulding an achieve.

Aires Wheel Set (4593) contains the two nose wheels and the larger main wheels all moulded onto one casting block. The attachments to the block are by a very thin web of resin where the very slight bulge on the bottom of the tyre. Once removed, very little cleaning up with a sanding stick will be required. Since they are direct replacements they are already have holes drilled out, although the nose wheels could do with a bit more depth. The details are very nicely moulded with well defined hubs and brake units on the main wheels and inner and outer hubs in the nose wheels. The set also comes with a full set of masks for the wheels which will make spraying them a doddle. the single ASz-62IR 9 cylinder single row engine. The moulded detail is very nice including the cylinder cooling fins, bolt heads and other details on the crankcase. The modeller will still need to add the wiring harness and other details, but it is a good base to start from.


Engines (QB 48 512). The two Pratt and Whitney R-1820 engines included in this set are once again direct replacements for the kit items and do look very nice. The cooling fins on the cylinders are very refined and the details on the crankcase cover are very nicely done. Having said that, you will still have to add the wiring harness and other details but since they are going to be mostly covered by the cowlings only the fronts are going to be open to view. The set also comes with a pair of mounting rings that are fitted between the engine and the bulkheads. Whilst the engines only really need the casting blocks sanded away, the rings need to be removed from theirs. Fortunately the attachment points are very thin so it won’t take much work with a scalpel to remove them. One thing that has been noticed is the similarity between these engines and the ASz-62IR engine for the Antonov AN-2 reviewed HERE, to the point that they look like the same engine, which is a bit of a cheat even if the Russians did copy the R-1820 from equipment sent to them on the Lend Lease program. Saying that, it will only be a problem to people in the know and that are able to compare the two.


Radar (QB 48 529), is actually the MAD boom, which comes with a separate MAD detector end. This still gives the modeller the option of having it extended or retracted. Whilst nicely moulded, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of detail but the shape of the MAD head seems more accurate in shape compared to the kit part.


Tail Wheel (QB 48 530), or more correctly the tail bumper wheel is another direct replacement for the kit parts and comes with a new wheel, yoke and actuator. It does look a little finer than the kit part and should be as easy to install.


Pylons (QB 48 531), contains six replacement pylons with some very fine details on the sides and on the weapon attachments, allowing the pylons to be left empty should the modeller wish.



Whilst I applaud Aires/Quickboost for releasing these sets I’m still unsure whether they are completely warranted. But these days having the choice of improving the overall detail of a kit, is always good, and these sets certainly give the modeller that. It also allows the modeller the choice on how far they want to go and how much they want to spend then mixing and matching their priorities to what is for sale. Recommended.

Review samples courtesy of
distributed in the UK by Hannants Ltd.

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