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This one has been sitting on the shelf until I could decide on the markings. I decided to go with the Two-Bob decals, and it has an Aries cockpit and exhaust. I have some intake plugs on the way for the intakes.







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The Draken always looks cool and you have made rather a nice job of it.


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That looks very cool! This particular Draken flew to all air wings during the disbandment of the third squadron at F10 wing in Ängelholm and I still remember the factory fresh look on it.. On the outside anyway. Last time I saw it, it had had its wings dismantled for storage.. I think it later was transferred to one of the Baltic states, to go in a museum.

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very nice!

interesting color scheme!

how where the decals? any problems?

cockpit pics would be welcome, yes!

maybe you find something to put as pitot on the tail .... Hasegawa shamefully forgot it!

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Lovely build. I have the same kit sitting standing by for a future build with the same resin you used, But here is no chance I would go with a yellow bird, the Twobobs all red scheme appeals a little bit more to me.

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