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Airfix 1/72nd Bf109-E3

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Well, having completed the Typhoon and being still laid up, I need something else to keep me occupied. I have gone for another of Airfix's new releases, this time the 109-E3, mainly because I got it for less than £4.50 from ModelZone. First inspection shows it up to the same standards of their other releases, fine panel lines and decent detail for the size.

Will be OOB as I still can't get to my after-market.



Fuselage sides..



Result of about two hours work...


Only glaring admission as far as I can see so far is there is no trim wheel in the cockpit but I will model it with the canopy closed so it probably won't be seen anywat. As always, comments more than welcome.



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More progress..

Primed and preshaded..



First camo coat on, underside already painted and masked..


In reply to the post above, the kit unfortunately doesn't come with the rounded canopy that it should for an early E3, it has the later heavy framed canopy that was fitted to the E4 and retro-fitted to earlier aircraft. This won't cause me any problems as I have seen profiles and photos of the aircraft I am doing with both types of canopy.

More soon..

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Been a while, but time for an update...

Decals on..


Time for a wash...



And brush up..



Standing on her own two feet....


I'll get this finished today, just need to get all the dangly bits stuck on and we're good. Then, if the Sun comes out, some pictures into Ready For Inspection.

Comments always welcome, thanks for looking.


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