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1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18C 'VFA-27 Royal Maces'


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Hi guys, here's my build for this group build, hope you don't mind me jumping in on this one. :)

The kit


The decals


I haven't decided which bird to do yet, either the low-vis scheme with 'hopefully' a proper grimey paint job or the high-vis scheme airshow fresh.

The sprues (sorry for the bad picture)


A complete contrast to my other current build, amazing only 9 steps from start to finish!! I'll post up my progress later today. :)

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Cheers Les :)

Not too much to report on this one apart from getting the cockpit/pilot done this afternoon. As I'm building OOB this means the woeful cockpit decals, what is it with 1/72 that manufacturers are afraid of putting in a little bit of detail in to the cockpits!! :banghead:

Meet 'Bob' as he is now known, an amazingly fine detailed little pilot, better than some 'gawa 1/48 pilots! :pilot:


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Started clamping the fuselage together tonight, it doesn't exactly fall together and I can see they'll be the need for some filling but overall it's not too bad. The worst piece I've found so far has been just behind the pilot, it was just totally the wrong size but hopefully with some dissolved putty and some sanding it's got all covered.


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Cheers Les, I know what you mean and actually the photo doesn't quite do him justice, for the lack of detail in the 'pit hasegawa really made up for it in the pilot, crisper detail than most OOB 1/48 pilots I've seen!

I've actually got a little further than this now, wings are on, nose cone is on, and the intakes are nearly there. It really goes together very quickly! :)

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I hate to jinx it, and now after I've said this something's is going to go horribly wrong at the paint stage but, this kit really is falling together!

A bit more work last night and I've got a bit of work around the intakes to finish off, some sanding around the nose join to smooth that off, some lumps and bumps and antennas to fit, canopy to mask up and fit, and it might be time for a coat of primer! :ninja:



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Cheers Rob :)

Unfortunately Bob hasn't got any closer to having a finished bird as I've turned my attentions back to the hind, and it's fast looming GB deadline but I will be getting back on with this pretty soon.

I have got the canopies dipped and ready for masking over the weekend so they'll be going on, then it's just finish attaching all the lumps and bumps before the first coat of surfacer.

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Well after woefully missing the helicopter GB deadline, I gave myself a bit of a kick up the bottom and decided to pick this up again in an attempt to cure my can't-finish-anything-I-start-itus. :chair:

Normally I would go straight for the striking CO jet but to change things up I've decided to go for the somewhat more subdued low-vis line jet markings.

I started off with a base coat of H308 (FS36375) - a little darker than FS36320 - which I then lightened with a mix of XF66 and XF20 to try give some tonal variation.



A couple more layers to go. :)

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Cheers guys, got plenty more done this weekend. :)

Sorry for the big post!

After I finished a couple more layers of pre-shading/light coats of H308 it was time I did the cannon vent on the nose.


I was really worried about this bit but after some masking and a couple of light coats of tamiya metallic grey it came out OK, just need to detail this up with some dirt and it'll be done.


Next up are the burner cans, I'm not too concerned about the insides as I'm planning on using intake and exhaust covers so it was straight on with a base coat of tamiya metallic grey.


I then set about heavily dry-brushing with tamiya bronze to give it the nice and sooty look, then I just finished off with a couple of citadel washes. nice and grubby. :)


Then on to my major task for the weekend, and that was getting all the decals done on the main airframe.

I started off with a couple of coats of humbrol clear, which if I'm honest didn't go so well. A nice smooth finish but it dried with what can only be described as a 'crazy paving' effect and certain areas turning chalky white, a couple of coats did seem to help with the chalky white parts but wouldn't touch the crazing. I'm done with humbrol clear now, I thought I would stick with as I have 2 bottles but after it nearly ruined this canopy and has ruined another, my patience has run out! Bloomin' stuff :raincloud:


Before the decals, you can make out a bit of the crazing and chalking along the wing leading edge.


And, with all the decaling done.

I love this stage, adds the personality of the jet. The hasegawa decals went down OK but I always forget how thick they are compared to most aftermarket ones. Another issue with the clear arose, I'm not sure whether it was the microsol or the microset but something was eating through the layer of clear to the paint below, you can just see it around the wing codex. I've still got another coat to go on before doing some oil weathering and a pin line wash. I was going to use humbrol clear but I'm going to go back to the good ol' pledge klear for that!

Next up it's the undercarriage, bay doors and external stores. Haha I'm never this far head on a GB so you never know I might actually make the finish line! :lol:

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Well managed to shift this one a long a little further over the last couple days. Landing gear and gear doors all done and fitted, a flory dark wash to try and pick out the panel lines and a bit more work on the stores. :)

A couple of how she sits this afternoon.



Hopefully tomorrow it'll be on with a matt coat and I can take the maskings off the canopy and release Bob from he's cave!

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Managed to get the flat coat done this weekend, so braved it and removed the canopy mask. She's nearly done! :)

Also, picked up a bit of blue backing paper during my lunch break so hopefully some better pictures this time around.




Hope you like it! :)

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Cheers guys :)

The GB deadline is actually a little further off than I thought it was, I had the 8th October in mind :banghead:, so I'm actually going to push to get the stores done and attached before I call the ball. :)

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Cheers Trojan, and thanks for reminding me that I hadn't signed this one off yet! I've been caught up in the A4 GB. I've just got the aux tanks to finish and attach.

The funny thing about the markings is that when I first did it, and even when I decided I was going to use the low-vis ones, I was sceptical that I'd actually like it. But, now it's finished and it's been sat on my shelf for a week I've actually really come round to it and even now planning on more low-vis builds!

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