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TBM 3 Avenger Update Finished 06/10/2013


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Hi all this will be the first of my entries and the one i will concentrate on

an Out of the box avenger from academy with superscale decals for an overall glossy sea blue finish from 1945




not planning on any am for this as it looks like a great kit out of the box

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very nice, though that Academy model does look suspiciously like the Accurate Miniatures TBF-1C I'm building! :hmmm:

So it should be a nice build for you, though the turret is an adventure all of it's own!

Will follow with interest.

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ok so I have a basecoat of gunze interior green on what seems like half the kit. on a separate note if you can get hold of gunze paints do they are just brilliant, they spray nicely and brush nicely too. then I noticed a couple of small issues.

1. this thing is a scaled down 32nd kit! it oozes fine details and lovely lovely quality molding. what's the problem? my eyes can't pick it out and my hands are too big to do it justice but I will try.

2. am boxed this kit wit a film insert behind the instrument panel, Academy don't supply this part and there is no way my painting skills will do this justice so I am waiting on an eduard zoom set for the panel and seatbelts.

3. the instructions for this kit are just awful! no description just badly drawn pictures that aren't very self explanatory and certainly don't call out detail painting just block colours so the internet is invaluable for painting (and I am wondering how much will be sen in the bowels of the pit anyway!

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Ok update

this is a nice kit have done interior of which there were lots of bits and have added eduard pe




I have got the fuselage together which when you consider how much goes in there went together really well and will only need a quick swipe with a sanding stick


and i have also done the engine, really nice to have an ignition harness instead of building one or a pe one that only breaks as you try to put it on.


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Ok got some paint on and decals, again used Gunze paint this will be my new favorite paint and am trying to persuade my LHS to stock the stuff as i can't get enough of it




I can honestly say i have enjoyed this so far the Superscale decals worked faultlessly

further on from that the undercart is on. and I have done the turret.



the turret was an absolute pig to put together and i was not looking forward to trying to put it in the i found a pdf from am and followed their details. and hey presto in it goes. no fuss no dramas just need to remove the masking and hope its ok underneath...

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