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Alright, I know that was a quote about the Enterprise B, but I thought it suited the series of pictures that follow. It's the AMT Enterprise E in 1/2500 scale, messed about with in a photo editing programme. It's about ten inches long, and about 90% of the surface area of the kit is covered in decals believe it or not. the decals alone took over four hours of the twelve hours I spent on this kit. I think the Enterprise looks good in any of its guises, but the E looks particularly streamlined to my eye...

Hope you like it. Now, what's next?


Preparing to leave orbit...


Full impulse and maneouvring thrusters...


Earth starting to get smaller in the windows...


That's the moon going by now...


Heading for Saturn for a quick look...


...and back to Earth again...


Established in orbit...


Who knows where we'll go next...


Look, I've got the day off and it's raining, ok? What else was I supposed to do? :wicked:

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Thanks for the comments, both. With a name like Picard, I should have expected YOU to like it, really...



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Lovely pics of an ace model.

Just a tip though....

I did a lot of S/F model photography years ago and in space you get seriously hard shadows and massive contrast.

Try lighting your model with a very directional light from one side only. (as you would get from the sun or nearby star)

If you have tripod, you could use longer exposures and light from a simple gooseneck light in a darkened room.

With digital stuff you can get all kinds of effects using photoshop or even paintshop.

The shuttle pic was done that way and the attacking X-Wing is a cardboard cut-out taped to the ship!

The lighting on my TB2 model was added in Paintshop.

All the best, Roy.



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