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1/48 A-4F "Blue Angels" ### Finished 27-10-2013 ###


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Thanxs Guys,

I have done some more work. Mainly I have prepared the undercarriage for some paint. I also put in some linning on the inside of the hood.

No fotos . I will make some more later this week. She is nearly finished.


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Hi guys,

Here are some pictures of the last pieces that were put onto the model.

The mainthing to do was the undercarriage and some antenna.

Here are the pictures.

The undercarriage on.


Here is the underside complete.



And here are some pictures prior to finishing the model.




And here is the model finished.



And finished just in time.

I will put on some pictures in the gallery later on.


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I find it's quite hard to get a really nice gloss finish but it looks like you nailed it there.

Thanxs Rich,

Although I am not totally happy with the finish.I was hoping for a more shiny finish. Maybee next time.

One of the good things about xtracolour is that it is already gloss from itself.


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Well done, Arnold.

I have to finish my F-5A for Telford...

Your BA looks brilliant.

Thanxs Ørjan,

Can't wait to see the F-5A. I think it's in Norwegian colours?!

See you in Telford.


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