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1:32 Hannover CL.II + Pheon Decals. Finished!

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WOW I'm really inpressed with the work you've done so far!!!

The paint job you've done is amazing, beautiful work! :clap:

The more of these WNW models I see being built, the more I know I have to build one myself.

Will follow the rest of the build with great interest! :popcorn:

Great save with the fuselage crack!

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Great work John, esp on the fuselage lozenges and Prussian Field Blue mist.

Cannot wait to see it wearing the Pheon decals and the lozenge wings.

Keep up the great work.

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The 'split' behind the gunners cockpit is now dealt with, and the rear fuselage/fin now blended in with 'prussian blue varnish'.

Work proceeds into making many sub assemblies, but this lot is now about ready to be brought togther to form the whole aircraft.


I'll need to clean out all my drill holes for the rigging, and start anchoring it in. I had a pack of five 0.4mm drills for the last 3 years, of which 2 had broken in that time. Why then did the last 3 all break within an hour! I've got some more now but had to wait a week for the post.

Push filling the major components together gives a preview of what it will look like,



Progress should be fairly quick now.



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Up to the big stage now, getting the top wing on.

The tailplane is already done and rigged, all the struts are in place, as are all the small panels and windscreen, exhast pipes etc, not fogetting the radiator shutter under the top wing. Some of the more difficult to acces rigging lines are in, from Maxima Chameleon fishing line.


I've also started decalling, as there is a a long thin datum line that runs along the fuselage on both sides that would be difficult to do later. I continued on with some of the Pheon decals and they went on beautifully. I was especially pleased that the yellow '5' was totally opaque, nothing of the underlying colours shows through. Yellow is such a difficult colour to do, but these are top quality and have virtually no carrier film either.



Getting the wing on was a bit of a struggle. I placed a drop of Revell Contacta into each hole in the top wing, and placed the inverted fuselage on to it, tweezering each strut into place. they semed very willing to pop out as I moved on to the other side, several times. Persistence won , and I got there in the end.


I left it upside down for an hour to let it all solidify a bit. I do all this on a 6 x 6 inch square of foam sponge. Sod's law has stuck agin, somehow I got a three smears of contacta on the sponge, which has blemished my nice lozenging on the centre section by the oil tank, visible as the whitish splodges.


Damn, I'm going to let that solidify and then have to sand it back and respray.

I have left the outer upper surfaces without the lozenge decal on yet, as I will pull all the rigging lines up through the top wing, then trim and make good before doing the lozenge.



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Arras!! thats bad luck mate. You seem to have had Ein Gremline looking over your shoulder on this build. But none the less she's looking superb still.

I just test fitted my kit parts, and I'm surprised at just how big this aircraft is.

Time to clear the bench for my build I think


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Thanks guys, good to see you have got your started Jonners, I'll watch with interest.

Short update. I've not advanced very far lately as family and work demands have been heavy. Mustn't grumble though as last weekend was spent travelling to & from Viking juniors graduation, the lad did well so proud dad didn't mind lack of workbench time!

Managed to get the rigging done. The usual Maxima Chameleon fishing line secured into blind holes at the lowere end, and pulled through holes right through the upper wing.



Neil, the turnbuckles are ultra thin plastic tubing made from cotton bud tubes heated over a candle flame and pulled. The trick is to just heat a small area of the tube and pull the ends gently apart as soon as the heat turns the plastic glossy. I've tried all sorts of methods for making turnbuckles and in the end find this one suits me best. You can see them here on the lines. I'll slide them to the end of each line, secure with a blob of white glue and paint them.



Thanks for looking,


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Thanks for the comments folks, work proceeds as ever!

ok how do you hide the cuts where the fishing line comes through?

I trim the lines off, and cover the holes with Milliput;


Then sand it down and smooth it all off (and wreck my lozenge painting!. Should have left it until later to paint it).


Spray over the dark green on the outer panels, and then start doing new lozenges;


Then blend it all back in. I think I went a touch darker that I would have liked, but you only get 1 chance to do it;


Finally we get to do the outer wing lozenge decals;


Now for the last bit, the gun and flare racks.I'm going to paint all 3 racks and choose the one I like best as they add a dash of colour.

The gun has an etched metal jacket and Wingnuts provide a nice liitle piece to roll it around. It's very simple and makes the job a doddle;


Not far to go to completion now. Thanks for looking.


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Come on John - put the Oigee sight on the MG too - you know it looks too cool to leave off!! :)

Oooh yes, good idea Jonners, I think I'll do it!



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Awesome job, well done. I loved watching the progress and the paint job is superb!!

You have really convinced me into build a Wingnut Wings model.....just have to figure out which one.......plus find some time!!

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