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Airfix HMS-Victory-1/180 scale-With scale warship etchings

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With this lovely weather I have only been doing some work come evenings(cooler).

Have been working on the eyeholes for lower gun hatchs, plus the hatches.


These are from 1/350 gold medal parts left over and will make great windows for the lower deck gun hatchs.

Also been busy with the other gun hatchs.


The lower ones have the eyebolts inplace and the upper still to add.

I have still to work out how I am going to do the Rigols, these are I beleave rain/water drainpipe type of thing to dissipate water from the gun hatchs.


This is a picture of Dafis 1/100 ship and shows what I mean.

There are two types. :analintruder:

Thats it for now. Cheers foxy :coolio:

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How about using lead wire for the Rigols?

Its easy to shape and a drop of superglue will hold it in place.

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Thanks HL10 mate for that idea on the Rigols.

I found some soft brass that I once used for making working signals(model railways 00)

This turned out like so.


This is for the centre hatch covers.16 Rigols in all.

I also made the bottom ones the same way but were much easier to make, 32 of them.


Also added the ratline bases cut down for brass ratline later.


Added brass gratings to lower middle deck.

Waiting on wood deck material and eye bolts from Germany.

Working on some of the other Airfix bits,lots of tidying up.


Have nearly got the stern windows right,just some tweeking and finish painting properly.

Thanks Longshanks 'me-ansome' :winkgrin:

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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She's looking all shipshape there Foxy, you've got some patience mate. I made some eyebolts for gun carriages a few years ago with thin copper wire wrapped round a small drill bit and then twisted to give a bit to go into a pre drilled hole...If you need some copper wire let me know..................Smudge

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Thanks folks for your Imput on this very Interesting build.

Well tried that method Smudge mate and found it difficult in this scale, so going for the easier option lol.

Thanks for the offer mate, will PM if I need more. :winkgrin:

Well had a mishap with the stern windows, but if you know your history on this ship and as I am doing it after Trafal.

She was in a real state, with masts down and hit below the waterline and got home by being towed.

With the admiral Dead and not shipshape at all, it was a very good crew that got her home.

So in that light, some damage will not be offensive in this build.

We shall see how it pans out.

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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Just started to read through this for a change from aeroplanes. I have to say I'm impressed with the efforts going into this build. I recall building the same Airfix kit around 45 years ago or more straight from the box. Didn't last long as it was put on display in the sitting room and poor ole mum dusting it. Eventually getting so much damage that it was disheartening to bin it. But I am sure yours will be better protected when finished.

PS: It was originally in black plastic!

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Hi Frank, been spending the past week with the Italians, PM your postal address and I will include some eyelets when I send some reference stuff down.


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Cheers Dan and Paul.

It is still a mm from the start of the build, so a long way to go yet.

Kev. Your a star mate.

The (eyelets) eyebolts(as there called so they tell me) will come in handy, I need for each gun at least four eyebolts and two rings for ropes.Have made up 8 24 pounders,lower deck and lots of 12 pounders upper/top deck.

I am looking at figures to, and a friend of mine from the railway club I belong to has some figures which I hope will do for the crew.

Waiting on the wood decking from WEM(on order) and some ring bolts from Germany(on there way).

Cheers folks for looking.

Foxy :coolio:

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Looking good. Are you going to have a crack at diy rigging on this one?

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Thanks Ratch and Seadog.

As for rigging seadog, I hope to do all the rigging and will be makeing my own ropes for this, following Dafi from germany's idea but on a smaller scale.

Thats the plan. :winkgrin:

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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Way to go! Rope making is great fun and oddly satifying. I've got all the bits for a new one - the old one having been passed on to a friend when I got married and left the UK. I'm enjoying this build.

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Thanks seadog mate.

Well have started on the guns.

Here are the 24 pdrs and 12 pdrs.



This is Dafi's 1/100 scale gun, I am going to try and make my 12 pdrs in this way but smaller.

I have allready started with eyebolts and will add ringbolts. holes drilled for the ringbolts.


Here are Dafi's rope to secure guns.

I will be makeing my own ropes for this.


Thats it so far.

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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Package on it's way Frank. Anatomy of the ship - Victory, seven issues of 'build the victory', ratline plans, mast and yard plans, some etch bits and fifty odd eyelets knocked up from twisted copper wire. Hope this helps matey! Kev.

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Thanks Dave and Kev.

Now you have let the secret out were I am getting all my information from for this build :winkgrin: .

Thanks a bunch Kev matey :thumbsup: .

Will return when finished my friend.

It all will help to get the ship all shipshape.

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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I believe that you were a major reference contributor for all the above material.....ahem. cof,cof!

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Hi Foxy,

Looking forward to how your going to make rope!

I need to make some for an on going project in another life


I'm fascinated as to what size ropes you will be making.

I'm sure your aware but perhaps your readers don't know that you can buy fine thread, lint free.

There are several options available, this is one. http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/corel_rigging_thread.html

Thread available in various sizes 0.25 to 2.0mm diameter in black or hemp colour.

Keep up the good work

Edited by longshanks
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Thanks guys.

Well me'ansum on the rope.

I am going to use two or three colours for the main ropes and two colours for the smaller ropes twisted useing a slow drill and a makeshift hook tuther end.

I need thread that does not show bits sticking out and your right on the lint free type.

Will be going for grey/white and light blue.

I do not want this to thick in the scale I am useing.

Once I have experimented, I will have a better idea on the out come. :winkgrin:

As you say its very interesting, and time will tell if I have got it right or not :analintruder: .

Hope to show results later.

'Thats modeling'. :winkgrin:

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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More pictures so far of the build.



This and ten more should do this build.

Have ordered more from Airfix plus some more boats.


Started on the steps.

This morning came some more eyebolts and hooks from Germany.

Thease and Kevs lot should I hope be whats needed.


The guy is called Daniel Fischer(Dafi) to most on other sites.

This is the smallest he does(most are 1/100 scale) and if anything like thease, the other scale are terrific.

'Keep your mind on this build mate' :winkgrin: .



So its down to the grind stone.

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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I have tried (and failed) to produce something of this kit on three separate occasions…seeing what you are doing is really inspiring me to have another go!

Fantastic work and really looking forward to seeing it develop :popcorn:

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