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Display Cases big enough for a 1/400 Titanic?

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Chaps and Chapesses,

I'm just the act of finishing my Academy 1/400 Centenary Titanic model - which has been keeping me out of trouble for the last 8 months or so. However, the trouble is that it just looks too good to have displayed on the side, collecting dust.

So, I'm going to get a display case for it - especially given the Girlfriend has agreed to let me have this one on public display in the dining room (very rare indeed - I think she likes it a little bit!).

With this in mind, would anybody have any recommendations?

Ideally, dimension wise, I'd be looking at the following:

Length: 30 inches (77cms)

Width: 6 Inches (16cms)

Height: 12 inches (31cms)

So... if there are any recommendations for this, please let me know!!

Also, if I was to order one directly, what would a sensible estimate of cost be?

Very many thanks,


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Try www.acrylicdisplaycases.co.uk I've bought quite a few large cases from them and they've been pretty reliable.

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Thanks for the information ,I have ordered one ,luckily I was able to take one of the shelf,I will let you all know ,when it arrives .I have ordered the 425mm wide x 200mm deep x 148mm high with black base.Including p&p its cost £46.75

I have the USS Wasp LHD ,Just too big , for the standard boxes I normally buy ,plus I have a 1/400 Titanic and it's not having a box that's been putting me off building her ,now I don't have an excuse any more :popcorn:

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Box arrived yesterday, very good delivery company, one the that gives undates, will deliver to a neighbours, packing was excellent, the box it came was huge, that was all the packing ,oh and the display case is excellent, very good finish, will be using again, 5 stars

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Nice one gents, I've been waiting for trumpeter to bring out a mega size so this sounds ideal! Chewitt/Dave can either of you post a pic?

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Hi folks - kinda following on from this thread...

I shall be moving in the near future giving me more room to display my models. I am really after a cabinet rather than an individual case as I have a few to put out...

Enjoying the 1/350 scale ships at the moment so it needs plenty of space - any suggestions?



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Thanks Chewitt, that looks the business and better than I expected. And what, may I ask, is in your box? Looks American, your latest project or a future build? :popcorn:

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