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Hannover CL.II - 1:32 Pheon Decals


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Hannover CL.II

1:32 Pheon Decals

Hot from the printers is Pheon decals latest sheet to complement the recent Wingnut Wings Hannover CL.II.
Sealed in an A4 ziplock bag, you know by the weight of it that you are getting more than just a decal sheet, there's also Pheons original research crammed in there. First up is a paper sheet showing all twelve options in side profile, which immediately hooks you into homing in on which ones you like most.


Under this are four full colour sheets printed on thick glossy card showing each option in larger scale and more detail, and the last one showing upper and lower wing surfaces. Completing the paperwork is a nine page booklet giving general information on the CL.II, and particular information on each of the options.


Where there is doubt, such as on the colour of the '2' on the fuselage of option 3, you are provided with a pair of decals in each of the three possibilities, red, blue or black. This is s very thoughtful touch, and allows you to go with what you think is the most accurate. Similarly the cartoon character on option 1 is provided twice, with pale grey and yellow outlines for you to go with your own opinion.


The decal sheet itself is printed on an A4 sheet by Fantasy printshop. The printing is beautifully sharp and in perfect register, whilst the colours look exactly right. There are a lot of white areas on the sheet, opacity looks good, and having used Fantasy's decals before, they should cover well with no bleed through of underlying colours. What really draws the attention though is the very fine and minimal amounts of carrier film with each individual decal. This will be a great help in minimising any 'silvering' problems because there is barely anything to trap air under. Even the centres of the yellow number '5's and white '6's have no film in them, such is the precision of the printing. Impressive stuff.


The options are;

1. 13080/17 Unit Unknown
2. Serial unknown, Schlasta 12, March 1918
3. 9338/17 Schlasta 24b, Sgt Zitzelsberger & Vzfw. Muller, Erchin, March 1918.
4. 9390/17 Schusta 30b, Inchy, March 1918.


5. 13282/17 Schlasta 31b, Vzfw, Peez & Gefr. Lang, Hangest, May 1918.
6. 132??/17 Schlasta 16, Linselles, May 1918.
7. 9387/17 Schusta 19, Tourmignies, December 1917.
8. Serial unknown, Schusta 27b, Bertry, December 1917.


9. 9301/17 Schusta 12, Flg. Karl Romann & Georg Winkler, Wyngehene, January 1918.
10. 13181/17 Fl.Abt. (A) 226, Vzfw. Willy Engler & Ltn. Alfred Kuerman.
11. 13253/17 Schlasta 34, Dury, May 1918.
12. 218, Polish Air Service, May 1919.


And wing views;



This is another beautiful decal set from Pheon that will enhance your Wingnut Wings kit. What shines through yet again is the hours of research and interpretation of old black and white photographs that must have gone in to its production. The variety of options have been well chosen also. If you fancy having a go at the hand painted fuselage lozenge (and I do!) six and a half of them require it, the rest use conventional two colour camouflage. The Polish example is very unusual as well as colourful, and has perhaps the most straightforward paint job of them all. So whatever your skill and confidence levels there will be several choices for you to pick from.
Sensibly space on the sheet has been used to provide the most options, rather than duplicating what is provided by Wingnuts. So you will need to use items like the eisenkreutz/balkankreutz from the kit, but Pheon provide them on their sheet where they are different. I intend to start work on my own Hannover kit shortly, and will be finishing it in one of these options. The only problem is which one? Current favourites are Nr's 1, 5, 6, 8, 11 and 12, which is half of them on a shortlist right away! Many hours of pondering and consideration are set to follow, and that's where a large part of the pleasure comes from in this hobby.

Very highly recommended

Review sample courtesy of Pheon Decals


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