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Black Widow Pair, P-61A and B

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Hi all, whilst I wrestle with one old Monogram Classic on the `bench` I thought I`d take the opportunity to show you a pair of previous Monogram builds


Firstly my P-61A


Built pretty much OOB, with just aftermarket decals and a few embellishments in the cockpit


Since I built it I`ve been informed it should have a fixed turret installation, but I can live with it


Next up


My P-61B


This time with kit decals


Managed to make life harder by closing the transparencies on both (they`re not a good fit)


Hope you enjoy looking at

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Seems like the 61 has become a popular subject all of the sudden. I love the 61 in the OD and " Llking" (lloyd} really knocked one out of the park a couple of years ago.

Nice pair Russ :bouncy: !

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Always like to see your builds Russ, and these are well up to standard. the olive drab one looks nice, the black one especially so as it can be so hard to get a convincing black finish. I reckon you've nailed it there!



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Very nice builds considering what you had to start with!! I just wish Monogram had skipped the "one opened up, one buttoned up" approach to the engines. I did like their inclusion of separate flaps.

I too have a Monogram P-61 started; decided it would be easier to do one in 72nd scale so i could have an F2T-1 for my Navy collection.

So if anyone is looking for P-61 spares, have em email me, LOL


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